Wall of Wind

WHIP2022_01 - Development of Fragility Curves for Tornadic Loading on Low-Rise Buildings, PI:  Delong Zuo - Mentors:  Tim Doggett (BHS), Marc Levitan and Dan Rhee  (NIST), and Tim Johnson (Verisk)

WHIP2022_02- Prediction of wind and surge damage to buildings by hurricane, PI:  Doug Smith - Mentors:  Eric Haefli (State Farm Insurance), Tim Doggett (BHS), Karthik Ramanathan and Tim Johnson (Verisk), GAF, and NIST

WHIP2022_03 - Wind effects on ballasted rooftop photovoltaic systems, Co-PIs:  Arindam Chowhury, Ioannis Zisis, Amal Elwady - Mentors: Erica Sherman (GAF) and NIST

WHIP2022_04 - Wind-induced loads on irregular shaped buildings, Co-Pis:  Ioannis Zisis and Arindam Chowdury - Mentors:  Abby Scott and Chris Kang (State Farm Insurance), Verisk and NIST

WHIP2022_05 - was not used

WHIP2022_06 - Integration of field damage, hazard, and exposure data for potential use in risk models - Co-PIs:  Nezamoddini-Kachouie Nezamoddin and Jean- Paul Pinelli - Mentors:  Karthik Ramanathan and Tim Johnson (Verisk) and Eric Haefli (State Farm Insurance)

WHIP2022_07-Empirical vulnerability model to assess impact of windborne tree debris on low-rise construction.  PI: Amal Elawady, Co-PI:  Jean-Paul Pinelli – Mentors:  Tim Johnson (Verisk), Abby Scott and Chris Kang (State Farm Insurance), Tanya Brown-Giammanco and Dan Rhee  (NIST) and Daniel Diaz (USAA)